Since coming to Loranger’s my health and life have been improved and maintained beautifully.  I have not had to call in sick to work in years!  My whole family enjoys coming in and we are very happy and healthy!  Thank You!


Where to begin?… from the very first appointment I felt like I really belonged here.  Everyone makes you feel like you’re very special.  I forget sometimes that I’m not part of the staff (Ha Ha).  Dr Anna is so intuitive.  I know she’s open and friendly with everyone, but I always feel like I’m a little special.  Dr Jenn—How fun she is, down to earth.  Dr Brian—Who is great when we need to call in the “big guns”.  I feel like I have a special bond — they know my body better than I do.  Tessa and Andrea—you really listen to my feelings.  Everyone at Loranger’s are professional and caring people.  I would and have recommend this office to family and friends.


I have been going to Loranger Chiropractic for years.  Dr Anna told me about my hip problem, thinning bone causing spurs, and difficulty walking.  My regular doctor wouldn’t do a MRI until she suggested.  I had hip replacement and I’m doing great then I had knee problems.  A specialist wanted to operate, but Dr. Anna said we’ll look into it more, or even get a second opinion.  So that is what I did:  therapy and Dr. Anna made me better without surgery.  My adjustments keep me active and without surgery, so I can enjoy my grandchildren and my life.  Chiropractic adjustments just make me feel better getting the blood moving without drugs!  I also like the personal care of doctors of chiropractic and their caring staff.  It makes me feel like family.  Chicken soup for the bones!


My experience here has been a painful, but enjoyable one!  The staff is wonderful and informative!  An all over great experience!!!


Loranger chiropractic has helped me tremendously cope with the daily aches and strains that come along with being a dental hygienist.  Without chiropractic care I am afraid my career would be cut short.  My entire family reaps the benefits of this awesome office.  Our two children have been being seen since birth and I believe are healthier because of it.  Thanks to the staff, we always have a wonderful experience in the office!


It’s always a pleasure to come to Loranger Chiropractic.  Friendliness and concern is obvious.  I leave here refreshed and relieved.  May God continue to bless each and all who add to this family spirit.


There are a few success stories, but this particular story I do remember and won’t forget.  One of my many Sunday night chores, I was taking out the garbage and I bent over to pick up one of the bags and I knew something was wrong because I could hardly move.  My back was having severe spasm and the tears were rolling down my face.  I finally went to bed in pain, figuring I would be fine.  The following morning the pain wasn’t gone, in fact it was so bad I tried everything to get out of bed (meanwhile knocking everything over and to the floor).  I couldn’t even stand straight.  I knew that there was no way that I could drive to my family doctor or the ER.  Since I was a patient at Loranger Chiropractic, I immediately called them and they told me to come right in to see Dr. Brian.  I was able to drag my hurt body into their office, huntched over, crying and in very much pain.  There stood Dr. Brian and Tess, they helped me right back to one of the rooms.  Before they could ask me to let me know how much my pain level on their sliding scale, I told them it was beyond 20.  Dr. Brian did his magic and schedule me for twice a day for the rest of the week and also while I was home I had to keep icing my back and taking natural meds to help with the pain.  I was out of work the whole week and I did not feel like I was going to get better, but doing what I was told to do (and I did), I finally felt like a new woman.  The one thing I do have to say about going to Loranger Chiropractic is that I can always count on the friendly, kind faces and just very down to each doctors and staff.  They make you feel welcome.  I now go to the office at least twice a month.  I will continue to go because they have a patient for life.  Thank you Loranger Chiropractic Family!


By coming here it has help my back and knees.  Without coming here I don’t know if I would be able to walk and get around.


Concern for patients—Great
A great place to come to for comfort and attention.  Keep on the great “Concern”



I have always gone to a chiropractor, but as I’ve gotten older, I find I can’t have the quality of life and life without it.  Dr. Anna helps me to have that.  I am so thankful for her and the care I get here.  Thank you to Dr. Anna and the staff.


I’ve been coming to Loranger Chiropractic since their arrival to Belleville.  I’m a frequent visitor and patient.  With Drs. Brian and Ann’s very busy personal schedule, sometimes the only way to see them is to make an appointment to catch up with them.  With some dreadful bouts of sciatica and disc problems, they have encouraged me that “this too will pass”.  I consider them and their staff as part of my family.  I’m always welcomed with smiles and good attitudes.  Dr. Anna is always concerned with everything pertaining to your health and well-being. And she explains things to patients in a way that you can understand.  Each doctor has their own techniques and personality, which is beneficial and entertaining.  My week would not be complete without a visit to this office.


I love coming here.  I love Dr. Anna so much and all of the staff.


My kids and I love coming here because it helps us relax.  I first started coming to Loranger’s when I was expecting my second child.  It made labor and delivery a lot easier and took the pressure off my lower back.  Now my children are ages 5 and 7, and we come often so we can play healthy.



I am writing this as a small way to thank the Loranger Family Chiropractic Center for excellent care I have received from their entire staff.
In February 2008, I was recommended to the Loranger Family Chiropractic Center by a nurse that attends our church.  At the time I walked around bent over like a 100 year old man with osteoporosis and with a pain level between 6-9 out of 10.  After a month my medical doctors learned that I had a ruptured disk.  Before and after the back operation to repair my disk, the entire staff of Loranger Chiropractic has given me caring, compassionate, and superior care.  Due to this care, I maintain a quality of life above most.



My lower back was hurt from working as a mechanic.  Loranger Chiropractic was able to straighten out the problem and relieve the pressure that my first chiropractor could not.  I can walk without pain in my back and I feel great again.  With regular chiropractic maintenance and exercise I am feeling like a normal person.


My life is better, richer, and fuller because of chiropractic visits.  The doctors are the best!